Lake Chelan Community Hospital and Lake Chelan Clinic Urges Patients to Continue Seeking Care

Lake Chelan Community Hospital and Lake Chelan Clinic Urges Patients to Continue Seeking Care

Lake Chelan Community Hospital and Clinics (LCCHC) has teamed up with more than 100 hospitals across the state to urge our communities not to put their health care on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clinics across the state have reported abnormally low volumes of patients seeking routine medical care. At the same time, visitors to the emergency department are arriving with more severe illness, having delayed care. The educational campaign is aimed at addressing the concerns keeping people from seeking appropriate care.

“We’ve heard that patients are afraid of contracting COVID from other patients in the hospital or that care teams won’t have time to care for them if it isn’t COVID-related,” Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) President & CEO Cassie Sauer said. “Health care teams are taking steps to ensure people’s safety when they need to seek care – from screening to eliminating waiting rooms. Care is safe and available for you and your family. Please, don’t let your health become an emergency.”

“Lake Chelan Community Hospital and Lake Chelan Clinic are two of the safest places to visit for accessing care. It is crucial not to delay care.  We have highly trained professionals to clean and disinfect our facilities and have also implemented many safety precautions to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe.” Said George Rohrich, CEO of Lake Chelan Community Hospital and Clinics.  “When you visit LCCHC, you will notice we have implemented controlled access entry points, screening questions, reduced number of guests, and visitors and require masking always by staff, guests and visitors.  We have also moved furniture around to enforce safe distancing and when appropriate, appointments are being staggered between patients.”

Hospitals and health systems will continue building awareness surrounding this issue for the next several weeks as part of their response to COVID-19.

The mission of Lake Chelan Community Hospital and Lake Chelan Clinic is to provide patient-centered, quality healthcare with compassion and respect. LCCHC is proud to be a partner in the health and wellness of the Lake Chelan Valley. Visit

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