Thanks from our Chelan School partners

Chelan Athletics would like to thank PA (Physician Assistant) Trent Lyman and the Lake Chelan Community Hospital for all their support with our student-athletes. There are many programs they provide for us.

Most recently, with all the concerns around concussions, Lyman and his staff have provided a concussion baseline test that our student-athletes take, which in return, becomes an added resource for them to use when an injury may occur. Impact testing is a program that Lyman and his staff use to assist when making a diagnosis on a concussion.

The test is $40 a student-athlete. The LCCH provides this test to all our CHS student-athletes that play contact sports free of charge.

Here you see our 2018 girls soccer team taking the baseline test. All football and girls soccer student-athletes have taken this concussion test. In the future, wrestling, girls and boys basketball, boys soccer, baseball and softball student-athletes will take the concussion baseline test before their seasons begin.

We are fortunate to have so much support in Chelan in keeping our student-athletes safer and more informed. We thank all of you for your service and GO GOATS!