LCCHC Initiate Controlled Access Measures (COVID-19) Update

Lake Chelan Community Hospital and Clinics (LCCHC) Initiate Controlled Access Measures (COVID-19) UPDATE

Lake Chelan Community Hospital, Lake Chelan Clinic and EMS are preparing every day to care for you and your family; it’s what we do and have done for more than 70 years.

Our Emergency Preparedness Team is staying current on the most up-to-date developments and response protocols through daily updates  to hospital staff, briefings from the Washington State Dept of Heath as well as regularly participating in statewide conference calls and webinars hosted by state and federal partners like Chelan Douglas Health District and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Please understand that process you are accustomed to receiving when accessing care are being adjusted as we gather more information and direction from our state and federal partners.  Your health is our priority and we will continue to do our best to care for our community.

What can I expect when I visit the hospital?  Lake Chelan Community Hospital and Lake Chelan Clinic have both implemented controlled access measures to help minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 if a potential patient presents to either of our facilities.

This means that the hospitals first floor entrance, which is used primarily by physical therapy patients and visitors will remain locked.  A phone has been placed at the front entrance for patients and visitors to dial-in.  A staff member will answer your call.  You will then be asked a few screening questions to determine your level of care before entering the building.

The Emergency Room entrance located behind the hospital building will remain unlocked.  Our Patient Access staff will greet you.  Staff will also ask you a few screening questions to determine your course of care or providing you with visitor instructions.

Visitor Restrictions remain in effect:

Lake Chelan Community Hospital and Lake Chelan Clinic will continue to be on HIGH visitor restrictions. What does this mean?

  • If you have a loved one in the hospital, it is highly recommended to keep visits to a minimum (one or two people) and practice hand hygiene for the protection of loved ones, other patients and staff. If you are sick or believe you might have COVID-19 symptoms, visits will be prohibited.
  • Upon arriving at either Lake Chelan Clinic or Lake Chelan Hospital, you will initially be asked health screening questions and may be asked to wear a mask.
  • If you have scheduled appointments, you may receive a call prior to your appointment and asked a few questions about how you are feeling. If you do have symptoms consistent with the Coronavirus of fever, new cough, or shortness of breath, your appointment may be rescheduled.
  • As a precautionary measure, if you have an appointment at the hospital or clinic, please consider not bringing extra people with you to your appointment, especially people who are of high risk of severe illness.

Who is at High Risk?

  • People 60 and older
  • People with underlying health conditions including heart disease, respiratory illness and diabetes
  • People who have weakened immune systems
  • People who are pregnant


What do I do if I think I may be feeling symptoms consistent with the Coronavirus?

  • If you are exhibiting symptoms such as fever, new cough and shortness of breath, that you feel may be consistent with Coronavirus, we ask that you DO NOT show up at the hospital or clinic unannounced. Instead, please call the hospital at 509-682-3300 or Lake Chelan Clinic at 509-682-2511, so we may ask you a few questions that will best determine your course of care.
  • If you have an emergency and need immediate medical attention, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Do I need to be tested for COVID-19?

There are currently no restrictions on who can be tested for COVID-19 and commercial testing is becoming more available. Healthcare providers may test any patient with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (e.g., fever, cough, shortness of breath), but until testing supplies and laboratory capacity are widely available, public health is asking providers to follow specific processes for testing.

Patients with COVID-19 symptoms should contact their healthcare provider and be tested for COVID-19 if their symptoms worsen or their healthcare provider recommends testing:

  • Patients older than 60 years
  • Patients with underlying medical conditions
  • Pregnant women


Younger, healthy individuals with mild illness do not need to be tested and testing is not recommended in persons who are asymptomatic due to the current national supply shortage.


The LCCHC Emergency Preparedness Team will continue to work with Public Health and implement or consider recommendations as they develop.  Together as a community, we can help minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19.   Please continue to visit our website to stay informed about the processes and protocols that have been activated in order to maximize the safety of our patients, visitors and staff.