Inpatient Care

inpatienyWhat Types of Care are Available?

Acute Inpatient
Patients of all ages are admitted to Acute Care when they need close monitoring and acute treatment. Medical and nursing interventions are performed often to treat the patient.

Observation Inpatient
A patient is admitted to Observation for a condition that is expected to require hospital care and monitoring for less than 24 hours or it is not clear whether the condition will require the higher level of Actue Care. A patient may be switched to Acute Care if medically necessary.

Swing Bed
Swing Bed, or Skilled Nursing, is nursing and therapy care to help patients transition or “swing” from Acute Care to home. Patients may be admitted to Swing Bed while recovering from a major surgery or a medical condition such as a stroke, cardiac or respiratory illness. Patients may be admitted from Acute Care within Lake Chelan Health Hospital or from an outside facility. Please contact our discharge planning RN if you are interested in learning more about our Swing Bed program.